Mark & Mark

A little over a year ago, I had the privilege of crossing paths with Mark and Mark at the Statham Lodge wedding fair. Our initial conversation sparked my excitement, as they swiftly chose me to document their remarkable two-day wedding celebration.

The first day unfolded at the exquisite Flixton House in Urmston. This stunning venue, dating back to 1806 and originally constructed by the affluent Wright Family of Flixton, underwent a splendid renovation in 2018. It now stands as the quintessential setting for hosting weddings. The meticulously landscaped gardens adjacent to the house are truly enchanting, boasting a variety of gardens adorned with flourishing flowers and diverse textures. These elements provided an ideal backdrop for capturing an array of wedding portraits within a brief span.

On the initial day, an intimate ceremony was graced by close friends and family, alongside the endearing presence of Mark and Mark's beloved dogs, who charmingly strolled down the aisle. The canine companions were seamlessly woven into the wedding's décor and planning. A gifted designer aided the grooms in realizing their dream wedding, showcasing a carnival theme in the invitations and garden party, complemented by their own pug logo. The allure extended to beautifully crafted wooden flower boxes, adorned with unique floral arrangements that transitioned seamlessly from one day to the next, later becoming cherished keepsakes for the guests.

My time spent with Mark and Mark provided insight into their unique and specific vision not only for their wedding day but also for life itself. Their resolute clarity on their collective desires underscored the depth of their partnership. Observing the meticulous collaboration that crafted their extraordinary day reaffirmed their deep connection.

Day two unfurled at the splendid Statham Lodge, a Cheshire gem enveloped by picturesque farm fields. Originally the country retreat of a Georgian Squire, this locale later transformed into a private casino during the 1960s. This day marked the pinnacle of revelry, a grand celebration where every conceivable garden amusement was brought to life — from croquet to putting greens, and even a shooting range — all accompanied by the vibrant strains of a live band. The newlyweds, Mark and Mark, made a grand entrance in a vintage car, an eloquent embodiment of their gracious spirit. Their generosity extended to a joyous ride for Mrs. Walker, the proprietor of Statham Lodge.

The radiance of Mark and Mark's joy, love, and kindness resonated throughout the day, manifesting in their beaming smiles and heartfelt gratitude toward their guests and the dedicated staff attending to their every need. Statham Lodge orchestrated a monumental affair, ensuring that every detail was perfected before the couple's arrival. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I wholeheartedly endorse Statham Lodge for their unparalleled hospitality, not only for their own staff but also for the external vendors involved. A resounding 'Thank You' is well-deserved, acknowledging their tremendous efforts.

May Mark and Mark be showered with boundless happiness and unfaltering joy as they embark on this beautiful journey of marriage. May their days be brimming with an abundance of love, moments of pure joy, and the sweet melody of laughter echoing through their lives.