The Lion & His Lionesses

Graham & Joy enjoyed their beautiful wedding day on 10-07-2022. Their wedding was held at the Prestigious Knowsley Hall in Knowsley, Prescot. Their day was filled with Laughter, Love, Joy and Tears as their friends and family shared Graham & Joy's Special day with them. The day was blessed with rays of sunshine but none could out-shine Joys excitement for her wedding day.

Knowsley Hall is Merseyside's only stately home, it is set with in 2,500 acres of private walled estate. Knowsley Hall has opened it doors to royals and distinguished visitors since 1495. It is believed that a building of sorts has been on the current halls site since the 12th Century but the earliest part of todays buildings dates from about 1500. The Home is now owned by the Earl & Countess of Derby.

The rooms inside Knowsley Hall are filled with history, their rich beauty was only enhanced by the beautiful flowers provided by Melanie Farrow at smellanie's Garden flowers in Cheshire. Beautiful wild flowers in a variety of glass bottles filled the tables with beauty and truly brought the outside, in.

The food throughout the day provided by Knowsley Hall was not just tasty but also a work of art, it is never an easy task running a wedding but the staff at Knowsley were the very best that I have had the privilege of working with. They kept the day running smoothly and nothing was to big for them to do.

The Ladies

Joy and her Bridal team arrived promptly at Knowsley Hall to begin the Bridal Preparations. The girl's were accompanied by Adele Hamer who dressed the ladies hair. Adele is a local Hairdresser to Lymm, Cheshire. Adele is a freelance stylist who travels to clients houses, her work is impeccable. Adele works amazingly quickly which allowed us to keep to schedule and the ladies hair stayed perfect the whole day. The Bridal Team consisted of Joy the beautiful bride, her daughters, best friend as Maid of Honour, and Joys lovely mum joined the ladies for the morning. The ladies chose to apply their own make up, with joy getting some assistance from her daughters. They all did an amazing job and looked stunning. Joy and the girls had a wonderfully, calm morning full of laughter. Lovely visitors called in to say hello and drop off meaningful gifts such as a sixpence for joys shoe.

The dress! A fitted lace dress with a circular train. The Shoes.... Jimmy Choo's! Sparkly silver, what more could a girl wish for... Well Graham the Groom did gift Joy a wedding pandora on the morning of the the big day, and by the way Joy's eye twinkled when she handed it to me you could tell that the love and thought that went into the gift meant more than the gift itself.

The Gentlemen

The Men were incredibly dressed, no detail had been left out. When I began photographing Graham's details, Joy and his love story started to show its self. Graham asked me to photograph his dads gold cufflinks. His dad was unable to physically be present at the wedding but his spirit stayed with them the whole day. Graham admired his dad and by the way he looked after his own children and values the kindness and love that Joy shows to their family we can tell that Graham had a wonderful father who brought his son up well.

Graham mad an incredible speech. He spoke about His love for Joy, how she is strong, independent, loving, kind and tenacious. How the way she loves him makes him a better man. Their story reminds me of a Lion and a Lioness. A lion by himself is strong, he is able to look after and defend himself. A lioness is also strong, she is able to look after and defend herself but together they are unstoppable. The love and kindness that they have for each other makes them stronger.

Before we knew it Graham and Joy were married and the remaining part of the day was enjoyed by friends and families socialising in the beautiful gardens. I wish Graham and Joy all the best for their marriage. May life together bring you both happiness and comfort each day x