Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Pink

Derek and Michaela were married on Wednesday 10th August 2022. They had an intimate ceremony at Runcorn Town hall, followed by a reception with extended guests at The Heath Conference Centre. The day was full of laughter, joy, and love for the happy couple and the gathering of their family. Derek and Michaela have been together for a while and have a beautiful family together. Yet they still wanted to make the commitment to each other through marriage. So often couples now will regard Marriage as a piece of paper that you sign but for those who know the true meaning, you are making the ultimate promise to Love, Cherish, Comfort, and Respect that one person for the rest of your lives together, know the value of the person they choose to be with. In His speech, Derek mentioned that Michaela is his rock, His one constant, when Derek's world is falling down around him he knows that the Love that Michaela and he shares will shine threw and together they will get through anything.

Bridal Prep

The Bridal Party arrived at Michaela’s Mother’ home, and wear joined by the lovely ladies from Shine Bright Widnes ( Instagram : shinebrightwidnes) who worked so well to get all the ladies ready for the big day, We had music, beautiful weather, and a lovely big buffet breakfast to enjoy during preparations. Everyone was quite relaxed throughout the morning thanks to Michaela's fabulous planning. When the hour hand hit 11 am though the nerves started to set in and the realization that it was time to finally put on the White dress, with gorgeous pink shoes, so Michaela could make that important walk down the isle to Derek.


Derek and Michaela's Twin boys arrived at the ring security , They wear dressed as mini 007 but wear so excited to finally give mommy their last name that the walk down the isle was a sprint . We had a reading by the lovely MOH and then a confetti tunnel followed by some gorgeous family pictures in the chines gardens.

Couples Pictures

We divided our Portrait sessions up so that the couple could spend quality time with their invited friends and family. We were also able to use different settings as well as light as the day went by. Derek and Michaela made each other laugh throughout all the sessions and were so natural in each other company. The image of content, where you are meant to be, and what a privilege it is that that place is with your other half. I’m sure that Derek will agree, as he did mention in his speeches, that Michaela was stunning, But earlier in the day when I met Michaela she had no make-up on and her hair was not yet attended to and she was still stunning. Michaela has a glow to her that is captivating, she draws you in with her love, kindness, and joy. The beauty that is Michaela is from her heart. I wish this beautiful couple the very best in life, may you both be joyful forever more and never stop laughing with each other!