Meet Jamie - The photographer

. In 2016, my husband and I, along with our 18 month old daughter, immigrated from South Africa to the UK. In South Africa, I studied to be a paramedic straight out of school and I worked on an Ambulance and in the Emergency contact center for 6 years. I went into this industry because I have a passion for helping people. Acts of service is my love language so I was always destined to find a career where I can serve people.

Early in my life I was informed that it was likely that I would not be able to have children and this greatly affected my decision to become a paramedic. My mother works in the medical field and she is an incredible lady. I always knew that if I were to have children I would want to be there for them.

In 2014, we were so amazed that I was pregnant with our daughter. It was a difficult pregnancy where the doctors finally put me on bed rest as the risk of losing our baby girl grew greater by the day. I returned back to work when Iseabal was 9 months old. That just about killed me to leave my baby girl and not really knowing if I was going to make pick up time.

 My Husband and I made the decision to move to the UK and I decided that I was going to have a career change. I enrolled in a University and started studying Photography. I had always loved photography, but for me I knew I needed to have that education before I started my business.

How photography saved me - After all the trauma I had witnessed as a paramedic, I had closed my heart off and I was unable to feel, cry and love. One of my assignments was "to go out and find the beauty”; that day the floods of tears came rolling down my cheeks as my heart and eyes were open again to the beauty in the world. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to own my own successful business.

That it provides for my family and fulfills me… and I still get to help people on a daily basis. When I am with my Brides, I feel like the morning can make or break the wedding day experience, and I often offer to step in if there is a problem and help solve it. I want everyone to enjoy their wedding day and look back and cherish each moment. I genuinely believe that the pictures captured are there to remind us of the wonderful emotions we felt on the day.


My Husband and i wear married in 2013.We are the juniour school sweet heart couple , We have knowen each outher since i was 7 years old.I belive in marrage so much becuase of him.Although our hunnymoon stage is well over ,He is my absulute best friend and rock and each day i make the choice to love ,honour and respect him .


I have two, very lively, children whom I get to love each day with one baby in heaven. Iseabal is my little sassy princess, who will one day, no doubt, be a politician or a career debating with people over her views while organizing the lives of people. My littlle boy,Mark, well I think he will be a farmer since he loves his Papa's farm and being out doors. Whatever God holds for them I am blessed to have them.


Monday to Friday you will likely find me in a school or university taking the student's group and individuals pictures, I love this contract work. It allows me to travel and socialize at work with people in my field . On the weekends is when my creativity flys with weddings, family, and business photoshoots. My work will never be a "Job" I truly love and enjoy what i do .