Meet Jamie - The photographer

In 2016, my family made the life-changing move from South Africa to the UK. Prior to our relocation, I dedicated myself to studying to become a paramedic right after completing school in South Africa. For six years, I served on ambulances and worked in the Emergency Contact Center, fueled by my genuine passion for assisting others. My love language has always been acts of service, guiding me to a career where I could make a meaningful impact.

The roots of my journey into the medical field trace back to early in my life when I received news that conceiving children might be a challenge. This revelation significantly influenced my decision to pursue a career as a paramedic. With my mother's inspiring presence in the medical field, I understood the value of being there for my own family if I were to have one.

In 2014, our joy knew no bounds when I discovered I was expecting my daughter. However, the pregnancy came with its challenges, leading the doctors to place me on bed rest due to the increasing risk to our baby girl. Returning to work when Iseabal was just 9 months old was an emotional struggle, as the uncertainty of making pick-up time weighed heavily on my heart, highlighting the delicate balance between career and motherhood

Upon relocating to the UK, I made a pivotal decision to embark on a career change. Enrolling in university, I delved into the captivating world of photography, a passion I had always harbored. Recognizing the importance of formal education before launching my own venture, I dedicated myself to honing my craft.

Photography became more than just a profession; it became my salvation. Having witnessed trauma as a paramedic, my heart had become closed off, rendering me unable to feel, cry, or love. A particular assignment, challenging me to "go out and find the beauty," proved to be a profound turning point. That day, tears flowed freely down my cheeks as my heart and eyes reopened to the beauty that surrounds us. Grateful for the opportunity to own a successful business, photography not only provides for my family but also fulfills me on a deep, emotional level.

In my role, particularly with brides, I believe the morning sets the tone for the entire wedding day experience. I am committed to ensuring that each moment is cherished, stepping in to resolve any issues that may arise. My genuine desire is for everyone to revel in their wedding day, and I firmly believe that the captured images serve as timeless reminders of the wonderful emotions experienced on that special day.


Everyone craves something to fill their heart and connect with their soul. For me, it's hiking and camping—mini adventures that bring me back to life's basics. Food, water, sun, family, friends, and nature. If you can't reach me or I'm off the grid, rest assured, I'm recharging my own batteries.


I'm blessed with two lively children, Iseabal, a future debater or politician, and Mark, a budding farmer. One baby is in heaven, but each day with them is a cherished gift.


Monday to Friday, you'll find me in schools and universities, capturing group and individual moments. I adore this contract work—it lets me travel, socialize with fellow photographers, and indulge my passion. Weekends are for letting my creativity soar with weddings, family, and business photoshoots. My work is more than a job; it's a genuine love and joy.