Meet Jamie - The photographer

In 2016 my husband and I, along with our 18 month old daughter, immigrated from South Africa to the Uk. In South Africa, straight out of school I studied to be a paramedic and I worked on an Ambulance and in the Emergency contact center for 6 years. I went into this industry becuase I have a passion for helping people. Acts of service is my love language so I was always destined to find a career where I can serve people. Early in my life I was informed that it was likely that I would not be able to have children and this greatly affected my decision to become a paramedic. My mother works in the medical field and she is an increadable lady. I always knew that if I was to have children I would want to be there for them.

In 2014 we were so amazed that I was pregnant with our daughter, it was a difficult pregnancy where the doctors finally put me on bed rest, as the risk of loosing our baby girl grew greater by the day. I returned back to work when Iseabal was 9 months old. That just about killed me to leave my baby girl and not really knowing if I was going to make pick up time.

My Husband and i made the desishion to move to the UK and i desided that i was going to have a carea change .I enrolled in a Univerity and started studding Photography .I had allways loved photography but for me i knew i needed to have that edecashion befour i made my business .

How photography saved me - After all the trama i had witnessed as a parramedic i had closed my heart off and i was unable to feel ,cry and love .One of my assignments was "to go out and find the beauty " that day the flods of tears came rolling down my cheecks as my heart and eyes wear open again to the beauty in the world .

I am so thankfull that i have had the oppertunity to own my own sucsessfull business ,That is provids for my family and fufills me and i still get to help people on a daily bases .When i am with my Brides i feel like the morning can make or brake the wedding day experience for the bride and ill often offer to step in if there is a problem and help solve it ,I want everyone to enjoy their wedding day and look back and cherish each moment .I Genally belive that the pictures captured are there to remind us of the wonderfull emoshions we felt on the day .


My Husband and i wear married in 2013.We are the juniour school sweet heart couple , We have knowen each outher since i was 7 years old.I belive in marrage so much becuase of him.Although our hunnymoon stage is well over ,He is my absulute best friend and rock and each day i make the choice to love ,honour and respect him .


I have two, very lively, children whom I get to love each day with one baby in heaven. Iseabal is my little sassy princess, who will one day, no doubt, be a politician or a career debating with people over her views while organizing the lives of people. My littlle boy,Mark, well I think he will be a farmer since he loves his Papa's farm and being out doors. Whatever God holds for them I am blessed to have them.


Monday to Friday you will likely find me in a school or university taking the student's group and individuals pictures, I love this contract work. It allows me to travel and socialize at work with people in my field . On the weekends is when my creativity flys with weddings, family, and business photoshoots. My work will never be a "Job" I truly love and enjoy what i do .