28 August 2021

What a day for a wedding! You couldn’t ask God for a more perfect day to tie the knot! We had the most beautiful scenery with the peaceful pool bay, blue sky, and the sun was diffused through fluffy clouds. The Bride and Groom could not wait to finally be Husband and Wife.

Carl and Gill had had a long wait to say their vows, due to the pandemic, but they put their time to good use to plan their perfect wedding.

Their wedding was originally planned to be themed in a red colour but they had a change of heart and decided to go for a beautiful soft green instead. A decision I felt really made the pictures gorgeous! It is amazing to work with the couple to create an ideal setting.

During our morning "Girl Time" when Gill and the girls wear getting ready, Gill shared with me their touching story of how they fell in love. It's rare that you can often bring it down to one moment, the moment that you decided that this is the person you choose to love for the rest of your life. Their story was so unique, it was clear how Carl’s love and kindness for Gill won over her Gills heart. It really came down to his attentiveness and selfless generosity. While Gill was out dancing (in amazing high heels of course) she developed very sore feet so Carl offed the only solution he had available, which was his own flip-flops. Hilariously they were way too big for Gill! And to help ease her hunger pains he happened to have a lollypop in his pocket... what a way to win a girls heart.

A simple story but what more could we ask for in ways to show each other love? Two people, who are there for each other, who listen and try to help make each other's life better with what they have to offer. It may not be the best but it is everything that the person has and they are willing to give it to their other.

Gill was a delightful bride to work with she made me feel like one of the family. I truly loved the whole day because of her amazing warm heart, Gill was so excited for the day she finally got to marry her best friend! I thought she might explode with joy! She also had a wonderful calm demeanour about her, nothing was going to upset her big day! Not even when the Housekeeper asked us to remove ourselves from the room halfway through Hair and makeup! A quick talk to the wedding coordinator and all was sorted! 

As Carl patiently waited at the end of the aisle for his bride. You could really feel his nervous excitement building up. Once he had her on his arm he was never going to let go. 

I wish Mr. & Mrs Pitman a lifetime of unending happiness and that the Love they have for each other grows deeper each day!