My Sassy Princess is turning 7

I honestly cannot believe that the little girl that I once held in my arms as a baby is now turning 7. Every year the week that my children's birthdays fall on always brings back so many memories. Iseabal’s full name is Iseabal Hope Morrison Maid of Glenco. Howard and I wanted to give our children two names one from the bible and one from their Scottish heritage. Iseabal is spelt in the gaelic way, which means ‘Devoted to God’. Hope we gave her because it is in the bible but also because this little blessing had given us so much hope for our future family.

Just after Howard and I were married, I went to the doctor for a regular check-up and they found cancer in my cervix. Things moved quite quickly and I was in surgery to have the affected cells removed. My doctors had previously said that the cancer didn't seem too deep and with laser, it would all be removed in a 30 min operation. I woke up after 3 hours, my doctor by my bedside telling me a large part of my cervix had been removed and the chance of carrying a child successfully was slim. I was 21 at the time, newly married. Although the news saddened me we were going to see what God had planned for us. At 22 I fell pregnant with Iseabal and things wear going well until 27 weeks when I started to bleed and my cervix was unable to support the weight. My gynaecologist quickly intervened by putting me on bed rest and hormones to keep her in. The emotional pain I went through each day not knowing if I was going to lose my child was unbearable. At 32 weeks they took me off the hormones so I could deliver naturally and at 37 weeks Iseabal was born at 6 20 am and a healthy 4.15KGS (9.14 pounds).

This little sassy princess of mine is so full of life, she has thought me so much as a mom and as a person. She is a kind, determined and joyfully girl who loves to dance and sing! In the last 3 months, I have seen a huge change in her and it reminds me each day that one day this blue dress will be white and her daddy will be giving her away so I need to savour each day I have with her.

Happy 7th birthday my beautifully Princess x0x0